When most people think of Singapore, they think of a squeaky clean city. But beneath this sparkling exterior of glass and steel, a fledgling indie band is trying to find their voice and place in this unabashedly consumerist society. These guys call themselves M1LDL1FE, a play on the word 'wildlife', and there is something unsettling about their intense yet subdued energy, much like the city they come from.

Formerly known as Take Two, M1LDL1FE (pronounced "mild-life") cuts across the indie-pop grain, weaving together lush electronic textures and eclectic dance grooves into the pop sensibilities of guitar-driven indie music of the early 2000s. Their first EP, “PAIRS” (2015) received critical acclaim from the local press and were slated to be “one of the most exhilarating new acts to emerge from Singapore's burgeoning indie-pop scene” (JUICE, 2015). Fast forward a couple years, the band found themselves opening for venerable acts like Walk the MoonTravis, and Death Cab for Cutie back in Singapore, and even went on a few touring stints in Southeast Asia, China, and Spain. In 2017, the band renamed themselves as M1LDL1FE following the departure of their guitarist, Johnathan Lim, and embraced a new identity and an exciting new sound. 

The M1LDL1FE (2017) EP was a collection of stories that glowed with the residue of loss and change. This next remix EP is a continuation of the band's journey:

Super Algorithm Digital Me (remixes)


Super Algorithm Digital Me (Remixes) is a 5-track EP consisting of remixes of the song 'Super Algorithm Digital Me', a synth-rock jam that bemoans the ennui of the new millennium, and a bonus track titled 'Neptune's Eye'. As we drift deeper into an existence bound by technology, we often find ourselves and our relationships increasingly mediated by the glass and steel of our smartphones. Surely, the digital world cannot be our only appeal? With a title like that, it is only natural for the song to pass through the electric wizardry of some of Singapore's most prolific electronic music producers, Evanturetime, Lincey, and THIEVVES.

Preview the tracks here:

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Release Promotional Campaign

  • 9 Mar, Fri - Remix Single: THIEVVES Remix featuring Joie Tan (YouTube Audio + GIF + Streaming links)
    • Social Media Announcement: New remix EP dropping on 23 Mar
    • Promotional Tour: Headliner, National Library Board's PressPlay
    • Push on M1LDL1FE, THIEVVES, and Joie Tan's socials
    • Exclusive Premier (TBC)
  • 11 Mar, Sun
    • Promotional Tour: Headliner, Exxon Mobile Concert in the Park
  • 16 Mar, Fri - Remix Single: Lincey Remix (YouTube Audio + GIF + Streaming links)
    • Push on M1LDL1FE and Lincey's socials
    • Featured on Zouk socials (TBC)
    • 22 Mar, Thu
      • Promotional Tour: Headliner, Temasek Polytechnic Orientation Concert
    • 23 Mar, Fri - Super Algorithm Digital Me EP Release on all platforms
      • Focus track: Evanturetime Remix (YouTube Audio + GIF + Streaming links)
      • Press/Media Release
      • Push on M1LDL1FE and Evanturetime's socials
    • 30 Mar, Fri
      • Highlight on social media: Neptune's Eye (YouTube Audio + GIF + Streaming links)
      • Push on M1LDL1FE's socials

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    Notable RELEASES

    • Distraction (2017 Single): 
    • M1LDL1FE (2017 EP): Released on 28 July 2017
      • Produced by M1LDL1FE, co-produced by Evan Low of Zendyll Productions
      • Recorded at Greenroom Suite with Adin Kindermann

    Released as Take Two (2014-2016):

    • PAIRS (2015 EP): #2 iTunes Singapore Pop (Album), #1 iTunes Singapore Alternative (Album).
      • Ariel (Single): Noise Singapore 2014 Winning Showcase, #2 iTunes Singapore Alternative
      • In Your Arms (Single): #1 iTunes Singapore Alternative, #2 iTunes Singapore Pop
      • Produced by Roland Lim (Gentle Bones, Reuby, The Summer State) and co-produced by Marlon Ingle and Take Two.


    4,400 Facebook Fans
    3,300 Instagram Followers
    6,100 Monthly Listeners on Spotify as Take Two
    16,600 Monthly Listeners on Spotify as M1LDL1FE
    Top Countries: Taiwan, Singapore, USA, Philippines, Malaysia
    Top Cities: Taipei, Singapore, Kaohsiung, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur


    Twitter/Instagram - @m1ldl1fe
    Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/m1ldl1fe
    YouTube - http://www.youtube.com/c/m1ldl1fe
    Soundcloud - http://www.soundcloud.com/m1ldl1fe

    Bookings & Management: Patrick Chan - patrick@metronome.sg

    If you want to tell us about how mild your life is - info@m1ldl1ife.com